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7 Most Famous Asian Cuisine

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7 Most Famous Asian Cuisine

Asia is a storehouse of good food . Nah just on this continent , almost all over the world we can find a restaurant that sells this Asian cuisine . We find out , yuk , any Asian cuisine is famous around the world .


 Ramen or  Noodles



The food is as ready made meals compulsory from East Asia , such as China , Japan , and Korea . But now the food is baseball only famous in East Asia wrote , but can be easily found all over the world . Want to be fried , pan-fried , or boiled , noodles are always good to eat . And , easily processed to become the primary choice if we want to eat but lazy to make something complicated , he- he-he .




If all this we often wonder why every Vietnamese restaurant Pho always add the word in its name , then we must be acquainted with the cuisine of the country, girls . In Vietnam , Pho noodle soup or something similar can easily be found on the side of the road . Usually it is noodles and slices of meat and vegetables in a clear broth . It feels good at the same time fresh . So famous Pho , this food can be sure there is at every Vietnamese restaurant .

Thai Red Curry






This resembles the authentic Thai curry soup but really spicy . Broth is made using a very thick coconut milk and a few spices gives spicy taste . Its content is generally chicken and beef , and eaten with rice . The food is really suitable for us who like eating spicy food , girls .





In South Asia , nasi biryani is very famous , especially India . At first glance resemble rice biryani fried rice but due to wear saffron yellow which gives a yellow color . Rice is equipped with sliced ​​meats , such as beef, lamb , or chicken , and vegetables . This rice is generally spicy taste . Of course, tasty and filling too .


Aloo Gosht



Typical Pakistani cuisine is similar to passing meat soup that is often found in Indonesia . Indeed , hell , this food contains meat and sliced ​​potatoes in a curry sauce . The difference is, most people eat it with pita bread Pakistan . That makes this cuisine awful , that wears a lot of spice such as cinnamon , cardamom , green peppers , black peppers , and fennel seeds . If the Pakistanis usually neutralize spicy and hot flavor of the food by drinking yoghurt , girls .


Chelo Kebab

ImageIranian food is a little different from the usual kebabs we found. If you usually only in the form of grilled meat kebabs , chelo kebab comes with rice . Usually beef cut roundly then mixed with vegetables such as cucumbers , tomatoes , and onions and then stabbed them together and burned . Iranians generally like to incorporate a lot of seasoning when burning and spicy taste . And , the food is covered with melted butter on it .





Authentic Turkish cuisine in the form of some kind of food that is combined into one and then wrapped in grape leaves . We can arrange everything I want to put in the leaves , but usually the Turks mixing beef cooked with spicy rice . But , there is also a mix of rice with some vegetables as well . These foods can be used as a snack or main meal , girls .

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