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Takengon and Marine City awar from the Air

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Takengon and Marine City awar from the Air





        You try to come to Takengon and enjoy Lake Laut Tawar . With 4 days in this area are combined cycling tour , reflections of the past , future , and present . Here you enjoy the beauty of the land above the clouds and culinary tour delicious coffee producing areas . The nature is very beautiful and different from the kind of tourist places in Indonesia and elsewhere in the world .

When you browse the winding road beside the beautiful cracks on the way to Mount Geureundong Takengon , a small town with a population of no more than 230,000 in Central Aceh , your eyes will be entertained by the visual landscape through the pine trees on your side , decorated with a series of tropical vegetation semi-permanent home , and the stunned faces of local children Labi – Labi type you pass them .

A cold wind will sweep your face , when you pass through a layer of fog . Here , the average temperature is almost permanently around 20 degrees Celsius , or 68 degrees Fahrenheit comfortable . 100 yards from the west bank , a beautiful small town Takengon welcomes you .

Takengon is the capital of Central Aceh district . This area is a plateau which has a variety of cool weather and beautiful sights of which is Lake Laut Tawar , Princess Pukes , and Pantan Eggplant . Takengon city is located adjacent to the central highlands , and about 100 km from the city of Bireun .

Takegon is a city district of Central Aceh . Offer much that you have to see scarcity . The food is unique and this should be noted . Argowisata and activities around Lake Laut Tawar is a reason to extend your visit . Not to mention the legend of a princess who turned into stone by an invisible guardian . It is far from nonsense when we mention Aceh is really a spiritual gateway to Indonesia first .


Come and see by your own location . The stories you tell after from here would be too good to be true and too precious to miss out . This is Aceh , which would make a wonderful beginning to your trip western islands of the archipelago .

The city is surrounded by mountains and located in the middle of Aceh province . Takengon is a tourist destination that is located in the central highlands . The beautiful nature as hidden as surrounded by mountains . Many visitors seemed to not want to go home again after visiting this beautiful area because it’s cool , comfortable , safe , and friendly community .

Mandatory You Visit



Princess Pukes


Princess Loyang Pukes caves that are creating a local legend named Princess Pukes . He was once married to a man from a neighboring village . When he started his new life , he must leave his parents’ home .

The process is too much pressure on himself , though his mother says that ‘ You’re not going to turn heads me of our home , when you go to your husband’s village ‘ . He failed to follow the warnings , and he suddenly turned to stone . It is very clear legend in the story of local life .

Takengon Lake Laut Tawar which has fish in it deupik and just live in Takengon . This is one of the special attractions in Central Aceh district . The specialty of this lake that you can enjoy in addition to the beautiful scenery and the water is not salty , there are also four caves that surround the lake . The lake is almost like a sea extent , because it is people call it Lake Laut Tawar . There is a boat that can take you to surround this lake . The lake is very natural and seemed not much touched by human hands , clear water makes you can see the coral reefs and the fish that swim in it .

Lake Laut Tawar is the most visited tourist at Takengon because this is the most prominent icons of the city , followed by Princess Loyang Pukes caves . Lake Laut Tawar , fresh or sea water , rich with trout (a type of freshwater fish ) and fishing is possible . Skiing and boating activities are also available in some places .

Here in Takengon You can also take a walk in the garden distinctive flavored coffee , lucky if you come at harvest coffee and enjoy kemeriahannya . You can also bathe in Krueng Peusangan or hot water bath at Simpang Balek , located 30 minutes before Takengon .


Although not many lodging options , but generally cheap and clean . There Triarga hotel is located near the bus terminal where you can simply walk from the bus stop in the market area .

There is also a Renggali Hotel which is right on the edge of the lake with views directly overlooking Lake Laut Tawar .

For those who want adventure or backpacker accommodation then there Trunk space on Court Street , the area is more well known by the name Gentala and right in the city center . Mount Burni Telong is the right place for you Trekking , there is also a volcano in the highlands, highlands Sea Kucak in a lake on top of the mountain .


Do not forget your culinary tour with tasting fish in Takengon deupik delicious and distinctive Lake Laut Tawar . This fish is a kind of freshwater fish families Iwak wadher not in other areas . Also try the coffee taste Takengon or famous Gayo coffee and pineapple small but tastes sweet once located in the area estates Isaac Takengon .


Neither of the direction of Banda Aceh – Medan or Lhokseumawe heading west , we can travel overland around 100KM through beautiful mountainous road complete with chasms in the green lure passing Bireun highlands . From the west , we can reach this area by land also through West Aceh district . Aside from the land, can also through the air with a small plane .


Takengon is the area of Islamic law and quite cold . You better wear closed . Do not forget that the large size of memory for your camera because a lot of beautiful and interesting objects for your capture .

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