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Sasuke VS Daidara

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Sasuke Vs Deidara


Eventually they kill each other . Sasuke meet with Tobi and Deidara . whereas
Kabuto Naruto unexpectedly met who also unexpectedly gave him
information .



He then showed half her face that she had integrated
with Orochimaru’s soul .Sasuke who has met with Deidara was doing
bout a high level . Deidara issued a secret moment that he
saying only he had used when he fought Itachi . Deidara and his clay -consuming
create a replica of his body .
Sasuke who saw it thought it was a replica of a big bomb , but it turns out it is
a bomb that makes things around that area being gone to pieces .
Sasuke who ‘ve read it makes a duplicate stance as if he hit that moment .
then when Deidara amazed because it has been defeated Sasuke , surprise attack
directly launched by Sasuke . They fight ends with a bang
suicide by Deidara . Naruto , Naruto’s group and also other members of the Akatsuki
feel the power of chakra Deidara , Naruto and other groups immediately to
the blast site . Suigetsu issued with a picture of a snake instantly rolls
Manda exit affected by Sasuke’s genjutsu . Semnetara the head of Akatsuki
woman named Pein and Akatsuki members met Uchiha Madara ( Tobi ) and
Uchiha Madara told him to capture Naruto . Meanwhile Naruto met
Itachi and fight but lost , but it was only an illusion itachi.

Itachi uchiha


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