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Search sasuke uchiha

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Search Sasuke


In Konoha , Kakashi lying helpless because using mangekyou sharingan
in a row . He was then replaced by Yamato , a anbu ever be
junior Kakashi in the past . He became a temporary replacement for Kakashi . for
equip a team of 4 people , then instituted one more person from the ” roots” named Sai . on
Initially , Naruto and Sakura did not like it because of habit Sai who often
roughly speaking . Even so , Sai only run principally as the ” roots” .
Because ketidakkompakan team , Yamato wrath and locked them in jail
wood so familiar with each other . Here we can see the other side of Yamato is sadistic and
reflects a anbu : horrible , cold and intimidating . Even so
Yamato does not mean bad . Yamato also given orders to keep an eye on Sai
by Tsunade .
And they then went to Tenchikyo to meet Sasori’s spy , the other not
is Kabuto , runaway Konohagakure ninja . It turns out Kabuto only pretending
became a spy for Sasori trap . The fight between the team against Yamato
Kabuto and Orochimaru was inevitable . Naruto uncontrolled and release
Kyuubi chakra in large numbers so that he turned into a four tailed Kyuubi form .
She began destroying the surrounding areas with devastating attacks without
distinguish friend or opponent . Fortunately , Orochimaru still escaped and fled
themselves while the Yamato with wooden chakra ( the same as the first Hokage ‘s chakra )
Naruto’s seal and return the body to its original shape . Naruto felt guilty
for hurting Sakura Kyuubi tail in the form of four .
Naruto finally made ​​it to Orochimaru’s hideout . It turned out that Sai has
mission to kill Sasuke . But he failed to see the seriousness Naruto because
in the search for Sasuke . It turns out that Sasuke would be cold and alone
Orochimaru used as long as it can get revenge on Itachi Uchiha ,
brother who had massacred the Uchiha clan by himself . Sasuke then beat
them all and team Yamato return to Konoha with great disappointment .

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