misbahul jannah

Okaeri nasai minna ^_^


Ccharacteristics of Radio

  •  Listener/s: A person or a group of people who form the target audience of

radio programmes.

  •  Broadcaster: a person who presents or announces programmes over radio

for the public.

  •  Broadcasting: any communication or transmission of any message or signal

to the public through electronic apparatus.

  • Tuning into radio: You have to switch on your radio and tune into the station

you want to listen to.

  • Live broadcast: It means a programme being broadcast directly without

any pre-recording or the sounds made at the moment of broadcast.

  •  Pre-recorded programme: The programme recorded on magnetic tape,

phonographic discs or compact disc for broadcasting it later.

  •  Script : The written copy of the words to be spoken during a radio programme.

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