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Search sasuke uchiha

Search Sasuke


In Konoha , Kakashi lying helpless because using mangekyou sharingan
in a row . He was then replaced by Yamato , a anbu ever be
junior Kakashi in the past . He became a temporary replacement for Kakashi . for
equip a team of 4 people , then instituted one more person from the ” roots” named Sai . on
Initially , Naruto and Sakura did not like it because of habit Sai who often
roughly speaking . Even so , Sai only run principally as the ” roots” .
Because ketidakkompakan team , Yamato wrath and locked them in jail
wood so familiar with each other . Here we can see the other side of Yamato is sadistic and
reflects a anbu : horrible , cold and intimidating . Even so
Yamato does not mean bad . Yamato also given orders to keep an eye on Sai
by Tsunade .
And they then went to Tenchikyo to meet Sasori’s spy , the other not
is Kabuto , runaway Konohagakure ninja . It turns out Kabuto only pretending
became a spy for Sasori trap . The fight between the team against Yamato
Kabuto and Orochimaru was inevitable . Naruto uncontrolled and release
Kyuubi chakra in large numbers so that he turned into a four tailed Kyuubi form .
She began destroying the surrounding areas with devastating attacks without
distinguish friend or opponent . Fortunately , Orochimaru still escaped and fled
themselves while the Yamato with wooden chakra ( the same as the first Hokage ‘s chakra )
Naruto’s seal and return the body to its original shape . Naruto felt guilty
for hurting Sakura Kyuubi tail in the form of four .
Naruto finally made ​​it to Orochimaru’s hideout . It turned out that Sai has
mission to kill Sasuke . But he failed to see the seriousness Naruto because
in the search for Sasuke . It turns out that Sasuke would be cold and alone
Orochimaru used as long as it can get revenge on Itachi Uchiha ,
brother who had massacred the Uchiha clan by himself . Sasuke then beat
them all and team Yamato return to Konoha with great disappointment .

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Sasuke VS Daidara

Sasuke Vs Deidara


Eventually they kill each other . Sasuke meet with Tobi and Deidara . whereas
Kabuto Naruto unexpectedly met who also unexpectedly gave him
information .



He then showed half her face that she had integrated
with Orochimaru’s soul .Sasuke who has met with Deidara was doing
bout a high level . Deidara issued a secret moment that he
saying only he had used when he fought Itachi . Deidara and his clay -consuming
create a replica of his body .
Sasuke who saw it thought it was a replica of a big bomb , but it turns out it is
a bomb that makes things around that area being gone to pieces .
Sasuke who ‘ve read it makes a duplicate stance as if he hit that moment .
then when Deidara amazed because it has been defeated Sasuke , surprise attack
directly launched by Sasuke . They fight ends with a bang
suicide by Deidara . Naruto , Naruto’s group and also other members of the Akatsuki
feel the power of chakra Deidara , Naruto and other groups immediately to
the blast site . Suigetsu issued with a picture of a snake instantly rolls
Manda exit affected by Sasuke’s genjutsu . Semnetara the head of Akatsuki
woman named Pein and Akatsuki members met Uchiha Madara ( Tobi ) and
Uchiha Madara told him to capture Naruto . Meanwhile Naruto met
Itachi and fight but lost , but it was only an illusion itachi.

Itachi uchiha


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7 Most Famous Asian Cuisine

7 Most Famous Asian Cuisine

Asia is a storehouse of good food . Nah just on this continent , almost all over the world we can find a restaurant that sells this Asian cuisine . We find out , yuk , any Asian cuisine is famous around the world .


 Ramen or  Noodles



The food is as ready made meals compulsory from East Asia , such as China , Japan , and Korea . But now the food is baseball only famous in East Asia wrote , but can be easily found all over the world . Want to be fried , pan-fried , or boiled , noodles are always good to eat . And , easily processed to become the primary choice if we want to eat but lazy to make something complicated , he- he-he .




If all this we often wonder why every Vietnamese restaurant Pho always add the word in its name , then we must be acquainted with the cuisine of the country, girls . In Vietnam , Pho noodle soup or something similar can easily be found on the side of the road . Usually it is noodles and slices of meat and vegetables in a clear broth . It feels good at the same time fresh . So famous Pho , this food can be sure there is at every Vietnamese restaurant .

Thai Red Curry






This resembles the authentic Thai curry soup but really spicy . Broth is made using a very thick coconut milk and a few spices gives spicy taste . Its content is generally chicken and beef , and eaten with rice . The food is really suitable for us who like eating spicy food , girls .





In South Asia , nasi biryani is very famous , especially India . At first glance resemble rice biryani fried rice but due to wear saffron yellow which gives a yellow color . Rice is equipped with sliced ​​meats , such as beef, lamb , or chicken , and vegetables . This rice is generally spicy taste . Of course, tasty and filling too .


Aloo Gosht



Typical Pakistani cuisine is similar to passing meat soup that is often found in Indonesia . Indeed , hell , this food contains meat and sliced ​​potatoes in a curry sauce . The difference is, most people eat it with pita bread Pakistan . That makes this cuisine awful , that wears a lot of spice such as cinnamon , cardamom , green peppers , black peppers , and fennel seeds . If the Pakistanis usually neutralize spicy and hot flavor of the food by drinking yoghurt , girls .


Chelo Kebab

ImageIranian food is a little different from the usual kebabs we found. If you usually only in the form of grilled meat kebabs , chelo kebab comes with rice . Usually beef cut roundly then mixed with vegetables such as cucumbers , tomatoes , and onions and then stabbed them together and burned . Iranians generally like to incorporate a lot of seasoning when burning and spicy taste . And , the food is covered with melted butter on it .





Authentic Turkish cuisine in the form of some kind of food that is combined into one and then wrapped in grape leaves . We can arrange everything I want to put in the leaves , but usually the Turks mixing beef cooked with spicy rice . But , there is also a mix of rice with some vegetables as well . These foods can be used as a snack or main meal , girls .

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Takengon and Marine City awar from the Air

Takengon and Marine City awar from the Air





        You try to come to Takengon and enjoy Lake Laut Tawar . With 4 days in this area are combined cycling tour , reflections of the past , future , and present . Here you enjoy the beauty of the land above the clouds and culinary tour delicious coffee producing areas . The nature is very beautiful and different from the kind of tourist places in Indonesia and elsewhere in the world .

When you browse the winding road beside the beautiful cracks on the way to Mount Geureundong Takengon , a small town with a population of no more than 230,000 in Central Aceh , your eyes will be entertained by the visual landscape through the pine trees on your side , decorated with a series of tropical vegetation semi-permanent home , and the stunned faces of local children Labi – Labi type you pass them .

A cold wind will sweep your face , when you pass through a layer of fog . Here , the average temperature is almost permanently around 20 degrees Celsius , or 68 degrees Fahrenheit comfortable . 100 yards from the west bank , a beautiful small town Takengon welcomes you .

Takengon is the capital of Central Aceh district . This area is a plateau which has a variety of cool weather and beautiful sights of which is Lake Laut Tawar , Princess Pukes , and Pantan Eggplant . Takengon city is located adjacent to the central highlands , and about 100 km from the city of Bireun .

Takegon is a city district of Central Aceh . Offer much that you have to see scarcity . The food is unique and this should be noted . Argowisata and activities around Lake Laut Tawar is a reason to extend your visit . Not to mention the legend of a princess who turned into stone by an invisible guardian . It is far from nonsense when we mention Aceh is really a spiritual gateway to Indonesia first .


Come and see by your own location . The stories you tell after from here would be too good to be true and too precious to miss out . This is Aceh , which would make a wonderful beginning to your trip western islands of the archipelago .

The city is surrounded by mountains and located in the middle of Aceh province . Takengon is a tourist destination that is located in the central highlands . The beautiful nature as hidden as surrounded by mountains . Many visitors seemed to not want to go home again after visiting this beautiful area because it’s cool , comfortable , safe , and friendly community .

Mandatory You Visit



Princess Pukes


Princess Loyang Pukes caves that are creating a local legend named Princess Pukes . He was once married to a man from a neighboring village . When he started his new life , he must leave his parents’ home .

The process is too much pressure on himself , though his mother says that ‘ You’re not going to turn heads me of our home , when you go to your husband’s village ‘ . He failed to follow the warnings , and he suddenly turned to stone . It is very clear legend in the story of local life .

Takengon Lake Laut Tawar which has fish in it deupik and just live in Takengon . This is one of the special attractions in Central Aceh district . The specialty of this lake that you can enjoy in addition to the beautiful scenery and the water is not salty , there are also four caves that surround the lake . The lake is almost like a sea extent , because it is people call it Lake Laut Tawar . There is a boat that can take you to surround this lake . The lake is very natural and seemed not much touched by human hands , clear water makes you can see the coral reefs and the fish that swim in it .

Lake Laut Tawar is the most visited tourist at Takengon because this is the most prominent icons of the city , followed by Princess Loyang Pukes caves . Lake Laut Tawar , fresh or sea water , rich with trout (a type of freshwater fish ) and fishing is possible . Skiing and boating activities are also available in some places .

Here in Takengon You can also take a walk in the garden distinctive flavored coffee , lucky if you come at harvest coffee and enjoy kemeriahannya . You can also bathe in Krueng Peusangan or hot water bath at Simpang Balek , located 30 minutes before Takengon .


Although not many lodging options , but generally cheap and clean . There Triarga hotel is located near the bus terminal where you can simply walk from the bus stop in the market area .

There is also a Renggali Hotel which is right on the edge of the lake with views directly overlooking Lake Laut Tawar .

For those who want adventure or backpacker accommodation then there Trunk space on Court Street , the area is more well known by the name Gentala and right in the city center . Mount Burni Telong is the right place for you Trekking , there is also a volcano in the highlands, highlands Sea Kucak in a lake on top of the mountain .


Do not forget your culinary tour with tasting fish in Takengon deupik delicious and distinctive Lake Laut Tawar . This fish is a kind of freshwater fish families Iwak wadher not in other areas . Also try the coffee taste Takengon or famous Gayo coffee and pineapple small but tastes sweet once located in the area estates Isaac Takengon .


Neither of the direction of Banda Aceh – Medan or Lhokseumawe heading west , we can travel overland around 100KM through beautiful mountainous road complete with chasms in the green lure passing Bireun highlands . From the west , we can reach this area by land also through West Aceh district . Aside from the land, can also through the air with a small plane .


Takengon is the area of Islamic law and quite cold . You better wear closed . Do not forget that the large size of memory for your camera because a lot of beautiful and interesting objects for your capture .

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 Technology of transfering and delivering message using communication channel are disseminated (Henrich 1993) Media is extension of teacher refers to various means of communication (Sakram 1982) Radio Radio is a technology used for transmission of signals by means of modulation and electromagnetic radiation (electromagnetic waves).These waves propagate across and through the air and can also propagate through the vacuum of space, because these waves do not require a carrier medium (such as air molecules). Radio waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation, and is formed when an electrically charged object is modulated (increased frequency) at frequencies contained in the radio frequency (RF) in the electromagnetic spectrum. These radio waves are at a frequency range of 10 hertz (Hz) to several gigahertz (GHz), and electromagnetic radiation moves by way of oscillating electric and magnetic.



Tomorrow (Saturday) night, FAMH will read a story on LIVEWIRE, the venerable weekly live radio smorgasborganza and podcast, hosted by Courtenay Hameister. 

The history of radio is the history of technology that produced radio equipment that uses radio waves. Initially the radio signal transmitted through either continuous wave data by amplitude modulation (AM), and frequency modulation (FM). Shipping method is called an analog signal. Furthermore, as technological developments internet, and digital signal then changes the way the transmission of radio signals. In the early 1890s an Italian named Guglielmo Maconi create innovations on the basis of equipment created by Hertz. Marconi had managed to increase the distance an electromagnetic wave emission and fill it with information. In 1895, an inventor named Guglielmo Marconi of Italy combines the theories that already exist (about electromagnetic) with his own.He was the first to transmit radio signals through the air. He uses electromagnetic waves to transmit code telegraph signal in a range of more than 1.5 Km.

Guglielmo Marconi



E H Armstrong


Radio May 1924. Photograph of Edwin H. Armstrong with a prototype of the RCA second harmonic superheterodyne.

In 1918, Edwin H Armstrong of Columbia University developed a radio receiver, which is called the Super heterodyne circuit. In 1933 Armstrong introduced FM radio system (frequency modulation), which gives crystal clear reception even though there was a storm and offers high sound accuracy that previously lacked. Over the clarity of the resulting sound in the early ’60s, dominating the FM channel radio system, and even used for communications between Earth and outer space by the U.S. National Space Agency, NASA. History of using radio a. Radio AM Radio AM (amplitude modulation) works with the principle of radio waves and waves modulate audio. Both are equally have a constant amplitude. But this process then converts the amplitude modulation wave conductor (radio) in accordance with the amplitude of the audio waveform.

a. Radio FM Radio FM (frequency modulation) works on a similar principle to the AM radio, by modulating radio waves (conductors) with an audio waveform. However, the FM modulation process is causing the change in frequency.

b. Internet Radio The discovery of the Internet began to change the transmission of analog signals used by conventional radio. Internet radio (also known as web radio, streaming radio and e-radio) works by transmitting sound waves through the internet.